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edit: hey if anyone cares, 16 is my age and i removed my livejournal url because i haven't updated it in a long time. it's gross

funny cause i bombed most of em a while ago

Also I'm going to try to be more active but sorry this journal is such a waste of space and opportunity and pathetically written sob
it's 3 AM oh

also I want to oekaki more plzthx ; ; [linkusu plox ; ;]

if i'm inactive it's usually because i'm nervous okay deal w/ it
(anxiety uguu~)

haha this is very impulsive i promise for higher quality kk sob

(ps im learning a bit of Python + C# is coming soon okay!)

(pps the moods for compassion and tender are the same)
  • Listening to: The Toadies / Clinic / SKRILLEX
  • Reading: you
  • Watching: regular show / futurama / adventure time
  • Playing: Halo 2/ODST/Wars (shush Campaign is fun)
  • Eating: i forgot
  • Drinking: bootleg orangina
ohkai Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Any nicknames?
i guess, deviantart you can call me Ohk P:

Any special nicknames others call you?
people at school like my full name

What's your favorite food?
a lot of things ;m; I love food, of all different cuisines and obscurities XD

What's your favorite beverage?
juice, smoothies and ginger ale ~ <3

Favorite alcoholic beverage?
ew never had it, but if I ever choose to have alcohol ever? some fruity cocktail or a bloody mary because omnomnom tomato juice n 3n

Favorite restaurant?
too difficult...; _; !! i like chipotle and masala wok and burger house and japan house and

What was the last thing you ate?
roast beef and curry rice and noodles n 3n too bad I'm so nauseous in general aaughg sickness

Ever had your heart broken:
no it's fucntionin' :3

How many times:
negative, sir

Ever fallen for your best friend:
bf is my best friend too P:

Are you single or taken?
take[n] doo doo

By whom?
:iconninjaearl: deal w/ it

Do you have many friends?
lotsa okay B^(

Who is your best friend?
bfffbfbfbf *3* ~

Who's your favorite dA artist?
too many :F

Who of your friends' OCs are your favorite?
:iconninjaearl: quality CoH characters they are good stories okay and not terrible like most of deviantart B^( (not even kiddin') (his stories improved my own style ok)
my irl friends ones
buncha people too lazy

Who of your own OCs are your favorite?
dynodic apercu ^3^ !! and uh Branimir is okay I guess?? and um I like M. Euphony and Nyctalopia too shut up ;; they are CoH characters but don't really have much to do with the universe anyways so

What's your favorite thing to draw?
everything...!! and uh monstres <3 <3 <3

How many watchers do you have right now?
Ohkai watches 318 people, while 55 people watch ohkai.

How many people are you watching?
Ohkai watches 318 people, while 55 people watch ohkai.

What is your most popular deviation?
The deviation with the most comments is latest purchase with 19 comments, while the most favourited one is Sweet Kiss, with 14 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Dream Pokemon Team with 1,099 views.

How many deviations do you have posted?

Do you have any mass favers?
umumum i don't post much o`_o

Any fans?
no i'm south korean fan death o m g !! (not actually korean*)

What's your favorite game?
half life double
i like pokemon and tf2 too okay

Any other websites you like to visit?
twitter oekakis facebooks apparently okay!! oh and reddit B(!

What are your usernames?

Do you use AIM/MSN/Skype/etc
aim msn google [aim for irl / msn for online / google for irl] [used to have skyope uhhhhuh]

How many friends do you have on your buddy list?
dickloads (on another computer so i can't count but like...tons!! dddd I'm not popular though uh)

What is the last movie you watched?
buncha stop motion things for class!! otherwise uh probably FACEBOOK THE MOVIE LOL

What did you think of it?
good good good!!!!!!!

How often do you go to the movies?
i need to go more, is what!!!!!! ok

What are your top three favorite movies?
district 9
(no specific order - they're all of diff. genres man)

Who is your favorite character from each movie?
coraline? everyone is lovely
district 9 uhhuhuhfffdf the weapons V_V;
...oh god everyone in airplane

Least favorite characters?
noone in particular it's too good of a movie
lack of weapons people D:<

Ever wish you could be like a character from your favorite movies?
i wanna be a prawn~ o w o`

What's your favorite TV shows?
adventure time V:
regular show :V
lotsa cartoons
other stuff okay i don't watch tv enuf ; m;;

Who are your favorite characters from these shows?
chesire chimaera guy!!
oh god this is too tuff
carl sagan is super kawiai
the internet

Least favorites?
i don't like natsumi from keroro
idk corporate agenda anarchy ^__^ i'm so anarchist okay i need to sleep

Ever wish you could be like the characters from these shows?
all of them at the same time fu ye~!!!!!!

Anything else you'd like to add?
eat dicks
ohkai Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
don't actually eat dicks anyone :(
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
ohkai Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
i am going to do quizzes in this journal ^ 3 ^
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