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For those in :iconshearts:, see at bottom. Thanks!

I have a bad habit with comments, where I don't respond until weeks - or even months - later. Apologies for the unusually delayed replies!

This is a temporary journal because, well, it's a little awkward, but I've been meaning to get on it for a while.

In other news, exams.


Update (Mar. 02)--

Exams have concluded, but the general workload hasn't...I may still comment, but expect lateness.

Update (Jan. 24 [2010])--

For the :iconshearts: project :

Here are my refs.......!

Original Characters, Non-Human (in order of approx. preference): Nameless "Muse" (no gender) "Q" (male) "Yehoo" (male)
-- A representative character (rather old) (female)

There are not really many relationships between the characters.

Original Characters, Human:
None, at the moment. I'd love to see human renditions of the above though!

Fandoms/series Characters, both:… Pokemon; Barry/Jun… Sayonara! Zetsubou-Sensei; Nozomu, Tarō Maria Team Fortress 2; Pyro, Medic, Scout… Regular Show; Mordecai, Rigby, et al… Danger Planet, don't see much fanart on it
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figsf Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
ff! (friendly fire is disabled)

me too i just stare at the comments piling up...thinking one day that i'll get to them
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