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Alternatively, stacks are annoyingly the default setting for messages. I'm alright with a new feature and all, but I prefer browsing through 'em by Date.
Is there a way to set that as the default?
I haven't seen any, I know by that clicking on the specific module there's  the options at the top, but I'm looking so that when I go to messages, they're just sorted by Date without needlessly clicking more.

Enough ranting for now. My tablet hasn't been working with my computer correctly for a while, so I can't finish/work on art projects. If I owe you something (eg: shearts), there's my reason for delay! I'm sorry!

Also, it's exam time again.
Also, I had written a Journal entry that I meant to submit a while ago to show that I was, in fact, still alive. I might post it sometime, despite the fact that this precedes and confirms it. Oh well. I felt the need to rant.

Hm...might have more to say later. Though, it's back (or starting?) to exams now.

Also, Valentine's Day was wonderful. I don't mean to spite anyone, just the best in my span of life so far. :)

Suggestions/requests are "open"/welcome. No guarantees currently though. I've been running short of ideas lately, or been unable to convey my own.

Trades are fun. I'm willing to do commissions for Subscriptions (other methods of payment coming....sometime).

That's all for now. What's up, guys?

Addendum: Right. Concerning art, I don't know when or what I'll post. That'll be seen when there's, uh, a plan and opportunity and such.
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  • Playing: Tea Fortress 2 / Left4Dead2...sometime soon!
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Submitted on
February 20, 2010